Connecticut’s marketplace has strong start

With the launch of the Affordable Care Act’s Health Insurance Marketplaces last month there’s been much news coverage about the technical problems on the website and the trouble people have had enrolling online. But what many may not know is that those problems are on the federal site – which Connecticut residents aren’t using.

Connecticut decided to create its own marketplace – Access Health CT – after the ACA was passed, and as such is one of the states to do so. It is a decision that has paid off for the state’s consumers.

The on-line enrollment process has been relatively smooth.  With a few minor exceptions, the website had been up and working well since October 1 and has been hailed as one of the most user-friendly of any of the marketplace sites.  Proof of this comes from the enrollment numbers released last week by the marketplace and reported on in CT Mirror.  The first month saw 7,615 individuals enrolled for insurance coverage – the enrollment target set for Connecticut by the federal government was 2,310.

Connecticut is running one of the five exchanges nationally, according to an infographic in the Sunday, Oct. 27 New York Times that has been able to meet or beat the federal targets.

Access Health CT also has numerous upcoming events around the state designed to help people navigate the enrollment process. So if you’ve gone to the website and just aren’t sure about something please call the help line at 1-855-805-HEALTH go to Access Health CT’s website to find an assister who can provide in-person help or to see where they are hosting an enrollment fair.

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