Some attention-grabbing numbers

In a blog post published earlier this week Wendell Potter highlights a video made by Yale student Maggie Ditré to give her father a helping hand in spreading the word about the Affordable Care Act and the health insurance marketplace in Maine, where her father is the executive director of Consumers for Affordable Health Care.

As Mr. Potter notes the numbers may be specific to Maine but the information is relevant to all of us. But outside the video there was one set of numbers in the post that jumped out at us and they sit right in the opening paragraph.

Since 2010, the year President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act, more than $400 million has been spent by the law’s opponents to turn Americans against it, according to an analysis earlier this summer by the Campaign Media Analysis Group at Kantar Media. That compares to just $75 million spent by supporters to defend and explain the legislation.

So nearly $500 million has been spent on trying to sway public opinion on a law, with the overwhelming majority being spent by those opposing it – a group which is, in part, made up of hospitals, insurance companies, medical device makers. The $400 million plus that they spent is paid for by each of us every time we pay a bill. Wouldn’t it have been a better use of that $400 million to provide services and care to those who needed it?

Oh, and Maggie,  if this blog finds its way to you – we love your video and if you feel like drawing another give us a call.

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