Partnerships increasing education efforts

One of the greatest challenges facing implementation of the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, is educating people about how the law might help them, their families and their friends.  Oct. 1 starts open enrollment on the health insurance marketplaces, Access Health CT in our state. Universal Health Care Foundation is  pleased to offer educational trainings to organizations which might find themselves in the position of answering the public’s questions about health care reform and how to sign up for the Access Health CT marketplace.

One of our valued  partners, the Connecticut Library Consortium (CLC), was recently featured in a Public News Service piece  for offering educational sessions with the Foundation to member librarians in the coming months.  Librarians are getting ahead of the curve, anticipating the questions patrons will be asking them  about the Affordable Care Act and Access Health CT in the coming months. The Foundation is grateful for  librarians and the role they play in  helping people find answers on a wide range topics.

If you know of an organization which might find itself in a position of answering a lot of questions about health care reform or the new marketplaces, please pass on that we are offering these training l sessions.  Or Please pass on this information and/or contact UHCF if your organization is interested in learning more about the new marketplaces.

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