Foundation to remain vigilant on ACA implementation

The Foundation just sent this press release out this afternoon. We wanted to share our thoughts on this breaking policy news with our friends who read the blog and on social media as well.

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For Immediate Release

July 3, 2013



Foundation to remain vigilant on ACA implementation

In the wake of breaking news of the Obama administration’s decision to delay the requirement that large employers offer coverage to their workers or pay a penalty, Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut today urged continued vigilance in monitoring the impact of federal and state health reform efforts on workers and small businesses.

Companies with over 50 employees will have another year before they are required to report whether they offer coverage and whether the coverage meets the minimum standards set by the Affordable Care Act, the federal health reform law.  Companies that do not offer adequate, affordable insurance will face fines of up to $3,000 per employee. Small businesses are not subject to this requirement.

“This decision by the Obama administration does not alter the requirement for the small business marketplace to open for business on Jan. 1, 2014,” said Frances G. Padilla, president of the foundation.  “As the large majority of employers with 50 or more employees in Connecticut offer insurance, this delay will not have an impact on most employees of large companies, either.”

“We want to make sure that delaying this provision in order to give large employers more time to comply with the law, will not have unintended consequences,” she said. “Workers without coverage must be able to purchase coverage from Access Health CT, the insurance marketplace being established in Connecticut, and benefit from the subsidies to make that coverage more affordable.

She said, “It’s important that the delay does not have a negative impact on the ability of workers to have access to affordable, quality health coverage. We will continue to work with our partners to monitor the impact of this, and other implementation decisions, on consumers and employers in Connecticut.”

Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut is an independent, nonprofit statewide philanthropy based in Meriden and recognized for its role in the passage of landmark health reform legislation in Connecticut. The Foundation supports research-based policy, advocacy and public education that advances the achievement of quality, affordable health care for everyone in the state.



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