Foundation’s legislative activities continue

By Frances G. Padilla
President, UHCF

This year, UHCF is focused on efforts that educate and engage people, and build public will forFrances - use this one health care reforms that increase affordability, improve quality and promote better health. While much of this work is focused outward in communities across the state, we are still keeping a watchful eye on the inner workings at the state Capitol. Between now and early June, the legislature will consider many proposed bills.

UHCF has submitted testimony on a few bills. The criteria we have used for our legislative advocacy this year include:

Promoting transparency and accountability – Will the proposed bill impede or improve accountability and openness in public or quasi-public bodies that make decisions regarding health care access, delivery, cost and quality?

Putting consumers first – Will the proposed bill make it easier or more difficult for consumers to have access to quality, affordable health care?  Does the proposed bill give undue influence to interests that benefit financially from the current health care system?

Increasing quality and affordability of the health care system – Will the proposed bill move our state forward with reforms that focus on improving health and delivering more value for our health care dollars?

In addition to following legislation, UHCF is closely monitoring the implementation of the state’s new health insurance exchange, called Access Health CT. A key part of the federal Affordable Care Act, this exchange will be an important tool for individuals and small businesses looking to purchase health coverage.  Stay tuned for more news as the exchange unfolds.

We are also watching the state budget process and paying particular attention to the impact of the Malloy administration’s planned move of some of the parents currently covered by the HUSKY A program into Access Health CT, where they would have to purchase more expensive coverage with more limited benefits.

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  1. Thanks for watching out for us consumers!

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