Health Care Foundation Publication Released in Gratitude for Strong Community Partnerships

Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of “The Power of Movement Building: The Story of the Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut,” a narrative chronicling the first decade of its work at the forefront of the health care reform movement in Connecticut.

“This week, when families and communities around the nation observe the Thanksgiving tradition, is an especially fitting time for the foundation to share this story with our friends and partners and the broader public,” said Frances G. Padilla, the foundation’s president. “Because our story is really about what can be accomplished, when people from different backgrounds come together to work for the greater good of the community.”

The 23-page publication was unveiled Nov. 19 at a celebration held by the foundation’s board of directors and the board of its parent organization the Connecticut Health Advancement Research Trust in Hartford to thank the foundation’s past president, Juan A. Figueroa, for his leadership. The boards also recognized the foundation’s broad base of supporters for their contributions to the effort to achieve health care reform in the state. Many of the defining moments in the health care reform movement, including legislative victories, chronicled in the publication were also highlighted by speakers at the event, attended by nearly 200 people from the medical, faith, labor, small business, advocacy and philanthropic communities. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman and House Speaker Chris Donovan were among the dignitaries and public officials that attended.

“We wanted to acknowledge the contributions of our partners and supporters in this historic body of work while at the same time share insights into the many dilemmas and contradictions that shaped our decisions and then, ultimately, our strategic direction,” Padilla said. “We hope that our experience as a contemporary, activist foundation with high ideals, political savvy and a commitment to progressive values will be instructive to other foundations and organizations.”

The narrative takes readers behind the scenes of the coalition building work that was concurrent with the policy and research work. The foundation has been at the forefront of health care reform in Connecticut from the passage of the landmark SustiNet law in 2009 to the building block legislation passed in 2011, which shapes the direction of today’s Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange and the SustiNet Health Care Cabinet.

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