ESCAPE FIRE showing this weekend

How can we save our broken healthcare system? That’s the burning question Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut (UHCF) and its partners have been proactively tackling together in our state.  On Saturday, a new documentary playing at The Ridgefield Playhouse will shine a light on the root of the pressing problems in our country’s health care system and solutions. We highly recommend the film  “ESCAPE FIRE: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare,” which shows at 7:30 p.m.

The film will be followed by a panel discussion that includes Victoria Veltri from the Connecticut Office of the Healthcare Advocate and two of the physicians featured in the film, Pamela Ross and Richard C. Niemtzow. UHCF staff was among a distinguished group of panelists organized by the National Physicians Alliance in Connecticut to preview the film with medical students at Yale.

UHCF gives the film a ringing endorsement, especially for masterfully  turning the spotlight on the root of the problems in our current health care system.  As “Escape Fire”  aptly shows, the current battle over cost and access does not address the fundamental problem of having a disease-care, not health care system. UHCF ‘s vision has always included reform that not only deals with access issues, but also focuses on  healing and prevention,  and patient-centered care, which  ultimately serve to improve health and control costs.  State health reform legislation advocated by UHCF and its partners, and passed in 2009 and 2011, contains provision that address these fundamental issues.

For more information about the movie or to buy tickets please visit the Ridgefield Playhouse and take a look at the official trailer.

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