Farewell from the Foundation’s President

Dear Friends:

After close to 10 of the most rewarding years of my career at Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut, it is time for me to bid farewell.  I am as excited about embarking on my next great adventure as I am sad about leaving my friends and the foundation family. I have other professional and personal opportunities on the horizon, however it is too early to share them just yet. I promise to keep everyone in the loop.

In the meantime, I’m honored to have led this foundation through a seminal period of growth and a remarkable time in the history of health care reform in our state, and our country.  When the board of directors appointed me to the position of founding president at the then-Anthem Foundation in 2003, its members, along with other concerned residents, were grappling with the big questions around health reform and universal access to quality, affordable care for every resident of our state.

Over the past decade, we, along with our broad-base of partners and allies across the state, have celebrated many significant milestones toward achieving our mission.  Through our policy, research and grassroots advocacy work, the foundation has been at the forefront of health care reform, including passage of the landmark SustiNet law in 2009.  Building block legislation passed in 2011 will shape the direction of the new Health Insurance Exchange under the Affordable Care Act when it is operating in 2014 and the SustiNet Cabinet makes its recommendations.

Leading an organization that aims to serve as a catalyst for statewide change is not a job that one person can ever do alone.  I am grateful to the board and staff at the foundation for their hard work, support and dedication to the mission. I would like to extend a special thank you to the thousands of individuals and organizations that have made the work and my success at the foundation possible, especially leaders from the labor, business, health provider, advocacy and faith communities.

My tenure at the foundation has come to an end.  As the next generation of the work begins, may the call to action by the people of Connecticut continue and may it be heard.

What do we want? HEALTH CARE!  When do we want it? NOW!




Juan A. Figueroa

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6 Responses to Farewell from the Foundation’s President

  1. Stan Dorn says:

    It was a joy and an honor to work with you, Juan. Your contribution to health policy in Connecticut was extraordinary, reflecting substantive insight into the needs of vulnerable populations, strategic brilliance in navigating the shoals of challenging political environments, and unflagging courage in carrying out the Foundation’s mission. I’ll miss you, and I know that the next area to which you turn will be equally blessed by your passion for social justice.
    -Stan Dorn

  2. Barbara Edinberg says:

    Thank you for all you have done to move health care reform forward in CT and for teaching us to believe that “yes, we can!” You will be missed. Best wishes from all of us at BCAC!

  3. Lazaro Corro says:

    I wish you good luck

  4. Karen Schuessler says:

    Juan, you are an extraordinary leader and the UHCF has achieved so much because of your spirit, courage and determination. No challenge was ever too great for you and you always stood up for what was right. Your speeches were always wonderful to listen to – you have so much passion and energy. You will be missed but I know you will continue to do great things.

  5. Michele Mudrick says:

    All the best to you in your future goals! Kudos to you for stepping out and following your heart to do different things every 10 years. God Bless you in all of your endeavors!

  6. Betsy Ritter says:

    Juan, I will truly miss the opportunity to continue to work together. Your leadership remains so important to the legislation we passed and to the agenda still before us. I wish you all the best for your new chapters, and I know I will be hearing more from you as you take on new challenges for Connecticut and for the people you care so much about.

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