Foundation’s 2011 Annual Report online

Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut is delighted to announce the release of our first online annual report.

Our successes over the past year simply would not have possible without the tenacity of thousands of committed residents and the power of their persistence. Despite a long and politically complicated uphill climb, health reform activists pushed for forward for health care that puts people first.  Often wearing the signature red T-shirts of the Foundation’s healthcare4every1 campaign, people from the small business, clergy, labor, advocacy and health provider communities mobilized. They testified at legislative hearings. They rallied. They marched. And at critical point in the state health reform debate, they formed a human chain around the Capitol.

Our 2011 annual report takes you inside the key issues of that debate, the policy decisions at stake and the people and theirs actions that made a difference. You will see and hear from the people we are proud to call our partners in the vision of universal access to quality, affordable health for everyone.  To learn more about the power of their persistence in the health reform movement, please explore our full interactive report at

Thank You,




Juan A. Figueroa,
President, Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut

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