Some health reform reading

Today – one day after the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act, the health care policy and legal wonks are talking about what the ruling means and future implications.

The real life applications of the law – what is available under the law, who will be helped and the impact on individual lives are found at Kaiser Health News with its “Consumer Guide.” Ezra Klein at The Washington Post’s Wonkblog takes it from the numbers of people who will benefit to the personal – highlighting the story of Eric Richter.

To get a feel for what is being said about the precedent of the ruling and the role of the court, head to SCOTUSblog for the Post-decision Health Care Symposium.  Both sides of the issue are represented and you will find Jonathan Adler, Laurence Tribe, and David Bernste among the commenters. Before you leave the SCOTUSblog site give a read to Lyle Denniston’s piece “A giant hole in the safety net?” for an explanation of what the Medicaid portion of the decision means – and what implications it might have on future attempts to expand the social safety net.

If you know of someone struggling with the basics of the ruling, Amy Howe over at SCOTUSblog put together a great plain language explanation, which makes getting through the legalese of the  excerpts easier. The writers at HealthReformGPS – also get into all the details.

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