Déjà Vu All Over Again

By Jill Zorn |

It’s two for the price of one:  a tax “reform” bill and an ACA repeal bill.

That’s right.  Gutting the ACA is back.  This time it’s in the form of a repeal of the individual mandate which was just added to the Senate version of the tax bill.

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Highlights from Access Health CT November Board Meeting 

By Rosana G. Ferraro |


Access Health CT CEO Jim Wadleigh giving his report at the AHCT Board Meeting today (Screen capture from CT-N)

Open enrollment, changes in HUSKY A parent/caregiver eligibility, the Anthem/Hartford HealthCare dispute, and a potential for individual mandate repeal were all discussed at this morning’s Access Health CT (AHCT) Board meeting.   Continue reading

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Silver lining in a tough state budget

By Rosana G. Ferraro |

Team-Puzzle-PiecesIn a state budget riddled with health care cuts, there is one hopeful silver lining – the creation of a state Office of Health Strategy (here in the budget summary).

What is the Office of Health Strategy?

Connecticut has done and continues to do a lot of work to improve health and health care for residents – but this work has not always been coordinated.  The Office of Health Strategy is a promising step forward in addressing that. Continue reading

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Tax Cuts = Health Care Cuts

By Kayla Tarlton |


Do not be fooled, the tax “reform” debate heating up in Congress is all about health care cuts.

Tax cuts are part of a two-step budget process:  Cut taxes first, and then cut spending to make up for the shortfall in revenues.  The end result for health care programs will be worse than the worst of the repeal bills that were voted down this summer. Continue reading

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Estimated 77,500 people lose health care in the 2018-2019 state budget

By Rosana G. Ferraro |

cut-small-business-healthcare-costs1Governor Malloy has signed the budget and health care for low-income people took a huge hit.

Who loses?  How many people are affected?

There were various cuts to Medicaid / HUSKY that will leave many without coverage or the financial help crucial to their care.  These are the cuts that advocates and those who depend on these programs spoke out against, at a press event earlier this monthContinue reading

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Can You Believe We Are Fighting for Birth Control?

Guest Blog by Susan Yolen (VP Policy & Advocacy, Planned Parenthood of Southern New England) | 


Image from CT Viewpoints

There’s no question that access to birth control — and all the economic and social progress it has helped deliver for women — is imperiled.

Earlier this month, the Trump Administration took direct aim at birth control coverage for more than 62 million American women, eliminating the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) guarantee that their birth control would be covered regardless of where they work. This new rule allows virtually any employer to deny coverage on religious or “moral” grounds. The ACA already allowed religiously affiliated employers to refuse to pay for coverage, but it ensured women would still get birth control coverage directly from health plans — a protection the Trump administration also eliminated. Continue reading

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ACA Sabotage Part 2: Association Health Plans and Short-Term Insurance

By Kayla Tarlton |

With full Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal having failed multiple times, President Trump seems more determined than ever to “kill” the law by sowing confusion and instability into the marketplace to drive premiums up and insurers out. Last week’s blog focused on an act of sabotage announced on October 12: the canceling of cost sharing reduction subsidy payments for low-income consumers. Today’s Trump Sabotage blog addresses the administration’s executive order, issued on the same day, which may be the greatest threat to the ACA we have seen yet. Continue reading

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